Exit 18

Agency of Transportation staff evaluate conditions at Exit 18 on Nov. 5.

GEORGIA — Repairs to the southbound ramp at Exit 18 will take at least six weeks, the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) has announced.

Damage to the culvert was more extensive than expected, leading VTrans to conclude it would be best to replace it rather than repair it, explained VTrans spokesperson Amy Tatko.

The ramp has been closed since Nov. 4 when VTRans staff investigating a sinkhole alongside the ramp noticed the pavement visibly moving as a truck passed over it.

The sinkhole, which was eight feet deep, was the result of the intense Halloween rainstorm. The hole was undermining the ramp causing a “large void and cracking in the ramp,” making it unsafe, Tatko previously told the Messenger.

Repairs began with the excavation of the culvert. It was at that point that the state discovered how extensive the damage to the culvert was and the decision was made to replace it rather than attempt repairs.

After putting in the new culvert, soil will be compacted and backfilled around it. Then temporary pavement which will be replaced in the summer will be poured and the guard rails replaced.

“We try to repair infrastructure whenever we can,” said Tatko, in part because it saves money, but in this case the damage required a full replacement.

VTrans expects the new culvert to last 100 years.

With double shifts will be working seven days per week, the work will take at least six weeks, according to VTrans. But that is assuming the weather cooperates.

“We’re trying to do everything we can to expedite this project,” said Tatko.{span class=”print_trim”}

This story was updated on Nov. 19 with additional details from VTRans.

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