We have been trying to figure out the location of this postcard. Can you help us?

Carolyn Perley of Richford recently donated a collection of items which included this photo postcard. Its location might be in St. Albans, but it could also be elsewhere in Franklin County. If you look closely at the photo you will notice that at the far right there appears to be a grandstand indicating a ball field, and in the center of the photo a steam locomotive is standing astride the railroad crossing.

The only clue we have is that this double-postcard is stamped on the back with label for Hepburn & Honsinger RFD No. 1 Box 47 St. Albans, VT.

The team at the Museum thought it might be the Central Vermont railroad crossing on North Elm Street in the city, but in going there to investigate we could find nothing at that location and in the photo to match?? Could all of those houses have completely disappeared over the last one hundred years?

Do you recognize any of the houses?? Does the geography make any sense to you?

If you think you know the location of this crossing please call the Museum at 527-7933 or contact us at stamuseum.org.

Written by AJ McDonald, Museum Volunteer