From the St. Albans Museum:

The Welden House Hotel was being built at the time of the Civil War. It was hoped that President Abraham Lincoln would visit St. Albans and stay at the hotel, but fate had other plans.

The hotel stood intact for about thirty years before it would succumb to fire in the 1890s. We have also included a couple of photos of the main lobby, front desk and the very elegant dining room.

The Welden House also housed the local post office at the street level, and a bank and that is the reason why Bank Street received that name.

Did you know that the main goddess atop the Taylor Park Fountain originally faced north towards Bank Street and the hotel> When the fountain was donated by Governor J.G. Smith and his wife, Anne Eliza Brainerd Smith they had the fountain face the hotel which at that time was in its heyday. About one hundred years later when the fountain was being repaired the current City Manager had the goddess turned toward North Main Street and it has remained that way ever since.

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