ENOSBURG FALLS — The Village of Enosburg Falls Board of Trustees awarded the village’s eco park project to Guilmette’s Handyman Services at the board’s regular meeting on Nov. 28.

The project would renovate the site of the village’s former diesel generator, which the village decommissioned in the early 1990s.

The village hired architectural design company H. K. Wagner to create a master plan for the renovation in 2010. Wagner’s design includes what the company called an “interpretive park.” The park would have included examples of wind, solar and other forms of renewable power, a concept village manager Jon Elwell said may now be outdated in a 2016 Messenger interview.

The design, now, seems to basically be an attractive scenic overlook with easy river access. This could tie in with local efforts, specifically those of the Enosburg Initiative, to brand and market Enosburg Falls’ recreational opportunities.

The village initially put the project out to bid this past summer, but no contractor bid. Elwell said to the board, at the time, that it was difficult to interest contractors in a project with an estimated cost far below $1 million.

The engineering firm with which the village contracted for the project, DuBois & King, recommended the village re-submit the project for bids in late fall, when contractors consider the next year’s projects.

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