Are you playing our new game, Up and Down Vermont?

This year we created a crossword – no pieces to cut out and paste, just boxes to fill in.

All of our crossword clues are about Franklin County or Vermont. In case you got stuck, here are a few more hints.


  1. This author of children’s books is also a member of the Swanton Library board.
  4. Philanthropist who donated funds to start two schools in Franklin County. They still bear his name.
  7.  Vermont shares a lake with this neighbor.
  8. Someone with this name might be expected to make cookies.
10. This local business is a sponsor of Up and Down Vermont.
11. This author went Cliff Walking
14. St. Albans once held the record for the largest one of these ever built. His name was Abraham.
18. Several members of this Swanton family played baseball for MVU, with one member going on to play in the minor leagues.
12. This Vermont governor also founded the Franklin Telephone Company.
19. This park is on Maquam Shore Road.
23. St. Albans Town has sued St. Albans City three times in the past decade over access to a plant which processes this.
24. This Franklin County municipality was founded in 1896.
25. This Civil War general helped to stop Pickett’s Charge during the Battle of Gettysburg. He also owned a business in St. Albans, while living at various times in Milton and Georgia.
27. Rumors have ‘haunted’ this stately home in Highgate.
29. Fairfield is the leading producer of this woodland product in the state of Vermont.
31. This credit union serves New England.
32. This local non-profit provides care for infants through its Ted Mable Family Center.
34. This Vermont Supreme Court justice was from Richford.
35. Read about the answer to this clue here: A life in art
37. Vermont mountain peak.
39. This NHL player once wore a Bobwhite’s jersey.
40. This Alburgh park has one of the longest beaches on Lake Champlain.


 2. Bank founded by J. Gregory Smith.
 3. The answer to this clue is “blowin’ in the wind.”
 5. The Swanton Arts Council has created a series of scary films named for the town’s iconic birds. The answer is the name of that series.
 6. Members of this Native American tribe lived along the banks of the Missisquoi River.
 9. The first word in the name of this Sheldon paper mill is another word for boulder.
10. The world’s biggest ice cream sundae was made in Franklin County with the ice cream created by the company this man co-founded.
13. A life-size cardboard cutout of this President can be found in the Fairfield town offices.
15. Find out more about Berkshire’s self-described ‘bad librarian’ here.
16. This Vermonter ran for president in 2016.
17. The Long Trail runs through a part of this Franklin County town.
20. This brandy is made in Georgia, Vermont and carriers the town’s former nickname.
21. This actor born in New York and raised in Swanton has appeared in such acclaimed films as “Blade Runner” and “Ordinary People.” He was also the voice of the Cosmic Owl in the cartoon “Adventure Time.”
22. Portions of the Missisquoi and Trout rivers are the only ones in Vermont to receive this national designation from Congress.
24. For many years the St. Albans Museum has had an exhibit focused on this local band leader.
26. This health care provider operates several clinics in Franklin County, but their best known clinic is in Richford.
28. This pond in Fletcher is a popular fishing spot.
30. Tiles for this popular board game were made in Fairfax, Vermont.
33. This admiral was born in St. Albans and after retirement helped to found the St. Albans Museum and organize the 150th commemoration of St. Albans Raid.
36. Brainerd Street was renamed for Lawrence Brainerd after he shot this animal on Aldis Hill and its corpse was carried down the street.
38. This school district was created by the towns of Bakersfield and Berkshire.