From the Saint Albans Museum:

by AJ McDonald, Museum Volunteer

The Tullar School was a one-room schoolhouse that stood at the corner of Lower Newton Road and the Kellogg Road.  At the moment we don’t know exactly when the school was built, but the lot was cleared in the fall of 1964.  

In the photograph two of the children can be identified.  In the top row at the far left is Ella Collins.  In the second row in the center, kind of in front of the teacher is her brother, Harvey Collins.  Ella, born in 1879, would marry a Dunsmore and lived on the Dunsmore Farm on Dunsmore Road.  Her daughter, Mary Jean Dunsmore Cox was well known in St. Albans and only passed away a few years ago.  Harvey would later go to UVM and travel the world with his engineering skills.  He and his wife would raise a family in the brick farmhouse near the end of Janes Road where it meets the Maquam Shore Road.  Several years ago the Museum received a large collection of his jobs-related documents and photographs.  

To the best of our knowledge nothing remains of the Tullar School today, but a few photographs.  Are you able to tell us more about the Tullar School or do you have any photographs of it?  If you can give us any more information about it we would very much like to hear from you.  You can call the Museum at 527-7933, or send us a message at