Swanton Town Articles

  • The town is seeking $838,000 for the highway department, an increase of $7,100.
  • The request for the fire department is $151,000, a slight decrease from last year.
  • Costs for police coverage are also down $13,700 to $108,000.
  • The general expenses request is up $11,000 to $464,400.
  • The Missisquoi Valley Rescue request is up $15,000 to $249,000.
  • The town is asking for $11,000 for the recreation department, budgeting $93,900.
  • The proposed library budget is up $6,100 to $141,000. On a separate article, the library is asking for $16,000 to make the part-time children’s librarian a full-time employee.
  • If all articles are approved, the town budget, excluding highway spending, will be $1.176 million, with $464,000 to be raised in taxes.

Village Articles

  • The trustees are asking for $126,000 for general expenses.
  • The budget request for highway maintenance is $466,500.
  • The fire department request is $69,900.
  • The budget for the police department is $602,700.
  • The trustees are asking for permission to place a $34,300 surplus in the highway department budget into a reserve fund for future equipment and paving purchases.
  • Similarly, the trustees would like voter permission to place a $39,900 general fund surplus into a capital reserve fund for future upgrades to the municipal complex, and a surpluses of $15,500 and $12,800 from the fire and police departments respectively into reserves funds for those departments.
  • Voters are also being asked if they want to continue to allow coin drops in the village from May to October.
  • Voters will also decide if the village should study whether or not to hire a part-time building inspector.

Swanton Schools

  • The proposed school budget is down $200,000 to $8.48 million.
  • The anticipated tax rate is up 7.4 cents to $0.6964.
  • The number of equalized pupils is up slightly but the school is asking for $7.6 million from the education fund, resulting in an increase in per pupil spending ($7.6M/527.05 pupil count) of $1,300 to $14,454.
  • The school board is asking for permission to use $21,900 in previously collected capital reserve funds for safety improvements on school grounds, including the playground.
  • See Missisquoi Valley Union for school budget.

Municipal and School Officials

  • There are no contested races in the town or village.
  • Town clerk Cathy Fournier is up for re-election.
  • Selectboard members James Guilmette and John Lavoie are up for re-election.
  • Village president Neal Speer, clerk Dianne Day, and trustee Adam Paxman are also up for re-election.
  • The terms for school directors Jay Cummings and Mary Wood are also up.

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