St. Albans Town Articles

  • The town is asking for $4,218,953 for the general fund, an increase of $131,000 from last year.
  • The selectboard is asking voters to approve the spending of $130,000 in prior year general fund balance to further reduce taxes, offsetting the increase in expenses this year.
  • The town is asking to spend $48,000 in previously collected funds to purchase a new Ford F350 Truck for the Dept. of Public Works.
  • Voters are being asked to transfer $100,000 of prior year general fund balance into the emergency reserve fund.
  • The selectboard is asking to place $30,000 into the capital equipment reserve fund.

Municipal Officers

  • David McWilliams is being challenged for his two-year seat on the selectboard by Dick Day and Brendan Deso.
  • Al Voegele and Dick Day are competing for the three-year seat being vacated by Stan Dukas.

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