City Articles

  • The city is asking for permission to borrow up to $18 million for repairs to the city’s wastewater treatment plant. The majority of the work is maintenance to the 30-year-old plant, with roughly $2.9 million to be spent on increasing phosphorous removal from waste processed at the facility. The loans will be repaid by customers of the facility, who will see gradual rate increases for the next several years.
  • The city is asking for approval of an $8.1 million budget, an increase of $217,000 from the current fiscal year. This includes the budget for sidewalk improvements approved by voters last year.
  • The anticipated municipal tax rate is $0.8775, an increase of 2.57 cents.

School Articles

Municipal Officers

  • Marie Bessette is running unopposed for the Ward 3 seat on the city council.
  • Mike McCarthy and Marcel Boulerice are both seeking to represent Ward 4 on the council.

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