Town Articles

  • The proposed budget is $1.17 million.
  • Voters will be asked to set the compensation of elected town officers who are not full-time employees at $12 per hour.
  • The board is asking for voters to approve stipends for volunteer firefighters with the total spent not to exceed $20,000.
  • A new fire engine with a cost of $400,000 is also on the ballot. The board proposed to apply $58,000 in reserve funds to the purchase and borrow the rest with a term of eight years. Payments are not to exceed $50,000 per year, with $25,000 taken from reserve funds each year and applied to the payment.
  • The town is proposing changing how it distributes the town report, placing the report in three locations around town, making it available online at the Sheldon Historical Society website and mailing it only to those residents who request it.

School Articles

  • The proposed budget is $5.64 million, a decrease of $351,000.
  • The anticipated tax rate is $1.2499, a six-cent increase.
  • The school needs $5.1 million from the education fund, an increase of $370,000. Resulting in per pupil spending of $13,137, an increase of $1,161.

Municipal and Town Officers

  • Stephen Dodd’s three-year term on the selectboard is expiring.
  • Travis Perry’s three-year term on the school board is expiring.

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