Town Articles

  • The proposed budget is $2.24 million, a $110,000 increase over 2016.
  • If the budget is approved the anticipated tax rate is $0.8589, a 3.21 cent increase.
  • The budget includes an increase of $68,000 in town hall maintenance for a new roof and elevator.

School Articles

  • The proposed school budget is $6.07 million, a decrease of $703,000.
  • The anticipated tax rate is $1.1367, a decrease of 2.13 cents.
  • The equalized per pupil count is down more than 15 students. Richford’s pupil count has dropped by more than 24 pupils since 2015, which is causing the cost per pupil to increase despite the budget cuts.

Municipal and School Officers

  • Selelctboard chair Linda Collins is being challenged by Harold Foote for a three-year seat on the board.
  • Norris Tillotson is running unopposed for reelection to a two-year selectboard seat.
  • School director Kevin Blaney is being challenged by Morton Greenwood for a three-year seat.
  • Pam Hazen is running unopposed for reelection to her two-year school director seat.

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