Town Articles

  • Voters are being asked to choose whether the position of Road Commissioner shall be elected or appointed.
  • Voters will choose whether to have an elected auditor or hire a certified public accountant to conduct future audits.
  • The budget is presented in sections rather than as a whole. Areas of the budget with changes include:
    • Machinery replacement fund reduced to $10,000
    • Infrastructure replacement fund increased to $87,000
    • Building capital improvement and maintenance fund reduced to $25,000
    • Reappraisal fund reduced to $6,000
  • The board is asking for $460,000 to cover town operations, referred to as contingent selectboard, an increase of $31,500.
  • Voters will also be asked to consider consolidation of local cemetery commissions into one with oversight for all town cemeteries.

School articles

  • Proposed budget is up $22,350 to $2.67 million.
  • The anticipated tax rate is up 4.14 cents to $1.2728.
  • The equalized per pupil count is up by five, and the cost per pupil is up $914 to $12,884.
  • The board is asking to transfer $10,000 into a capital improvement fund.

Municipal and school officers

  • Two-year seat on the selectboard currently held by Sarah Silva.
  • Three-year seat on the selectboard currently held by Scott Perry.
  • Mary Niles two-year term as school director expires.
  • Christina Suarez-Pratt’s three-year term as school director expires.

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