This is the first  year of the Maple Run District, which includes Fairfield, St. Albans City and St. Albans Town and five schools, the elementary school in each town plus Bellows Free Academy and the Northwest Technical Center.

  • The total proposed budget for all five schools is $52.897 million.
  • The projected tax rates are:
    • $1.4665 in Fairfield, a decrease of 11.58 cents
    • $1.4637 in St. Albans City, a decrease of 1.33 cents
    • $1.3387 in St. Albans Town, a decrease of $6.36 cents
  • The budget includes a full-time math interventionist and part-time French teacher in Fairfield (the French teacher will be shared with BFA).
  • Fairfield no longer has to pay high school tuition to BFA, or for incoming freshmen attending other schools, saving $1.26 million.
  • Administrative savings from the merger total $100,000.

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