Town Articles

  • The proposed budget is $2.78 million with $1.67 million to be raised in taxes.

School Articles

  • The proposed school budget is $12.5 million.
  • The anticipated tax rate is $1.3385, an increase of 3.19 cents over the current year.

Municipal and School Officers

  • Town clerk Laurie Broe is retiring. Mary Jo Hanbury and Cheryl Latourneau are running for the position.
  • Tara Wright, who currently holds a one-year seat on the board is running for a three-year seat against Scott Richards.
  • Ric Nye, who previously held that three-year seat, is running for a one-year term, along with Kevin Camp and Tammy L. Hardy. Georgia has two one-year seats on its selectboard, which will be filled by the top two vote getters in the three-way race.
  • School directors Kate Barnes, Carl Laroe and Meghan Sweeney are up for reelection.

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