Town Articles

  • The proposed budget is $1.34 million with $888,900 to be raised in taxes. This is an increase of $16,300 over last year’s budget.
  • The budget for the Bent Northrop Memorial Library is $133,700 with $79,000 to be raised in taxes. The budget is up just $1,300, but the amount to be raised in taxes increased $35,600.
  • Voters are being asked to approve $92,000 for the volunteer fire department on the condition the department’s balance sheet and bank statement be made available to the town’s auditors.
  • The Fairfield Community Center Assoc. Is seeking $15,000.

School Articles

Municipal Officers

  • Town clerk and treasurer Amanda Forbes is up for re-election.
  • Gavin Ryan’s three-year selectboard term and Greg Christie’s two-year term are up.

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