Enosburgh will meet Tuesday, March 7, 10 a.m. at Enosburg Middle/High School auditorium. Articles 1 and 2 to be decided by Australian ballot.

Voters are asked to approve a $974,706.81 general fund budget, with $696,506.81 to be raised in taxes, as well as a highway budget of $897,900, of which $619,793.27 would be raised by taxes.

Town Articles

  • ARTICLE 1: Town official elections: moderator (1 yr), selectperson (2 yrs), selectperson (3 yrs), three members for Town Forest Committee (1 yr), delinquent tax collector (1 yr), town agent, town grand juror, and listers.
  • ARTICLE 2: Money appropriations: a) $500 to American Legion Post #42, b) $1,000 to Enosburg Falls Town Band, c) 1,000 to Enosburgh Conservation Committee, $2,500 to Enosburgh Food Shelf, d) $500 to Enosburgh Historical Society.
  • ARTICLE 3: Additional money appropriations to multiple county and local organizations.
  • ARTICLE 4: A Grand List amount to cover the 2017 town budget.
  • ARTICLE 5: Any other business.

Road Articles

  • ARTICLE 1: 2017 Town Road District budget.
  • ARTICLE 2: Any other business.

School Articles

  • The proposed budget is $10.99 million, an $850,000 decrease from the current year.
  • The homestead tax rate is up 5.16 cents to $1.2633.
  • A decline in revenue, including a loss of $268,000 in high school tuition, resulted in an increase in the amount requested from the education fund of $780,000, bringing that amount to $6.89 million.
  • Per pupil spending is up $1,600 to $13,544.

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