Bakersfield’s town meeting will begin at 10 a.m. on Town Meeting Day at the Town House with all items except for town officers to be decided from the floor.

Town Articles

  • The combined budget for dirt work and winter work is $157,000.
  • The board is asking voters to put $10,000 each in the bridge and paving funds.
  • The general expenses budget is $170,000.
  • Voters are being asked to approve $29,500 for the new truck payment and $15,000 in reserves for future equipment purchases.
  • Dispatch fees total $12,200 and the Enosburgh Ambulance Service $31,000.
  • The library budget is $33,900.
  • The town is also asking for approval for $10,000 for Maple Grove Cemetery and $3,000 for Independence Day fireworks.

School Articles

  • The proposed budget is down $268,000 to $3.26 million.
  • The anticipated tax rate is $1.4443, an increase of 1.9 cents.
  • Spending for the elementary school was up $9,000 while high school tuition increased $148,000 to $1.18 million.
  • The school is seeking $2.9 million from the education fund. The equalized per pupil count declined this year by 7.35 to 202.75.
  • Per pupil spending is up $616 to $14,344.

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