FRANKLIN — A consulting firm released its report on the most effective methods for the short-term cleanup of Lake Carmi this week, any one of which costs significantly more than the $200,000 the State pledged in capital funding for the project.

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) hired the Tennessee-based consulting firm Reservoir Environmental Management, Inc. (REMI) to conduct the study on possibilities for the lake.

Any short-term cleanup projects will have minor effects on incoming pollutants, but REMI stated in its report that these projects “can substantially improve the aesthetic and recreational potential of the lake and help gain public support for the restoration program while long-term management practices,” specifically the Lake Carmi TMDL Implementation Plan, continue.

REMI’s report makes a case for public support, but official support — specifically, financially — will be the issue.

REMI recommended the use of diffused air circulation or downdraft pumping in Lake Carmi, both methods of artificial circulation.

REMI estimated the capital cost of diffused air circulation will be about $1.5 million — $633,536 to install the diffuser, $886,160 to install its air supply facility. REMI estimated the annual operations and maintenance cost for that system will be a maximum of $16,500.

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