By Cathy Cameron-Muscente, Music Teacher
Special to the Messenger

ST. ALBANS CITY- When school is done for the week, do you know where you might find a group of teachers? You just might find them in the music room at St. Albans City School learning to play the ukulele. The ukulele is a small four-stringed guitar-like instrument adapted in Hawaii from the Portuguese machete de braga. This instrument is not intimidating and it offers a great way for students and teachers to explore becoming musicians.

This year the music department at City School purchased 34 ukuleles to use with the students. Music teachers, Ms Hartman, Mrs. Cameron-Muscente, and Mr. Kelly decided to share the opportunity with adults and host a ukulele club on Friday afternoons. Teachers and paraeducators throughout the school have been learning chords and jamming to fun youtube songs to learn the basic chords on the ukulele. The attached pictures show the joy this musical opportunity is offering staff. A side benefit of the Friday gatherings is the chance to socialize since we are often too busy to connect with during the school day.