SWANTON — Bruce Spaulding, flanked by four local veterans, appealed to the town selectboard Tuesday night for a tribute to Swanton residents who fought in the Vietnam War.

Spaulding himself did not serve in the war — he said at last night’s meeting that he went to college, and received a medical deferment. But Spaulding said he was “proud to be here because I lived through this… I know we owe the Vietnam veterans a lot.”

Spaulding, who clarified that he was only the group’s speaker, suggesting dedicating the Depot Street bridge to those veterans, an idea the selectboard seemed to support. Selectboard member Dan Billado suggested the bridge could be named something along the lines of the “Vermont Vietnam Memorial Bridge.”

Spaulding said any tribute would be acceptable, so long as the tribute is placed somewhere the most possible people can see it. For example, Spaulding said he considered the possibility of placing a plaque at the recently renovated Marble Mill Park, but felt the park’s crowd isn’t large and diverse enough.

He suggested timing the tribute’s dedication for when school students could attend, in the late summer or early fall. Spaulding said his group is in no rush, though they seemed eager to help, repeatedly offering any aid the selectboard required.

The vets have “waited 50-odd years,” Spaulding said, in good humor. “I guess we can wait six months.”

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