ST. ALBANS — Hiram Bellows was a humanitarian who wanted all students to have the opportunity for a high quality education. His contributions to the St. Albans and Fairfax communities have had immeasurable impacts. In recognition of his gifts to our towns, ninth grade students chose to give back in a variety of ways.

Ninth grade BFA-St. Albans students helped in several of the high school’s sending schools, from cleaning trails and helping to weed gardens, to leading soccer practices and classroom activities. They also spent time cleaning the grounds at NMC, weeding courts at Houghton Park and spending time participating in activities with residents at the St. Albans Holiday House.

Abby Sweet and Taylor Mitchell help clean Fairfax’s buses.

Abby Sweet and Taylor Mitchell help clean Fairfax’s buses.

Feedback from community members praised the students and their efforts,

“We had groups weeding our gardens, painting shelves and cleaning out a storage area to create an additional work space,” said Alburgh Principal James Ross. “The students were cooperative, respectful and enthusiastic. The staff here raved about the students’ help.”

Ninth grade BFA-Fairfax students were engaged in a variety of community partnerships including planting a tree at the new town recreation center, volunteering at the senior living community, cleaning up the town recreation path and fields, preparing the school’s skiing and running trails for races and more.

BFA-Fairfax freshman Abby Sweet who worked with the school’s transportation department commented, “By spending time today cleaning our school’s buses inside and out I helped the driver be more available for other projects to prepare buses for the road.”

“It was a great way to get to know our students better and help out with our community,” said teacher Jensen Welch.

If you were around Franklin County and saw any of the students out volunteering their time, we hope you were also impressed by their commitment and drive to give back. As the day ended, students were reluctant to leave, and were already asking when the next Hiram Bellows Day could take place.