From the Saint Albans Museum:

This house on North Main Street was built by Lawrence Brainerd and his wife, Fidelia Gadcomb, Brainerd.  It was once considered one of the finest homes in St. Albans. It was built at the time when the wealthy of St. Albans built along North Main Street.  Later the wealthy built their mansions along Smith Street to overlook the lake, and their neighbors below.

The Brainerd’s daughter, Miranda, married F. Stewart Stranahan and eventually took over the occupancy of the house. It is then the house takes on the name of “the Stranahan House” which some still refer to it as today.  F. Stewart served as an officer in the Civil War on the staff of Gen. George Custer, and he was Vermont’s lieutenant governor from 1982 to 1894.

The outside of the Stranahan House looks much the same today. The porch at the right has disappeared, and so have the granite posts along the wooden boardwalk, but the basic structure of the house is unchanged.

Inside, we would imagine, has changed a great deal. Today multiple condominiums occupying what had once been a single-family home.  Note the elegant furnishings, rugs and lighting fixtures in the central hallway and even what appears to be a stained-glass window at the back of the hall.  One wonders what ever happened to all of these wonderful things; and what antique-lover wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to explore this house as it looks in this photograph?

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