By AJ McDonald
Museum Volunteer

This photograph was taken in front of the Messenger newspaper offices when those offices were located on Kingman Street.

Many of the people in the photograph are identified, but not everyone. If you are able to see the numbers written on the separate individuals you may be able to spot a relative. Here are those who are listed: 1. Kate Cummings 2. Eva LeFefev /Mrs. Albin Gilman 3. Emery Denault 4. Charlie (Bubby) Rice 5. Henry LeCuyer 7. Peter Hackett 8. ? 9. Anna Deligan 10. Dora Marquette (Baker) 11. Annette LeCuyer 12. Anna Gregoire 13. Joan P Lynch 14. Arthur Hebert or McGettrich 15. Florence McGinn (McGettrich) 16. George Cahill 17. George Aubrey 18. Frank Menard.

Documenting community input around our local history is an important part of our mission. After we ran the photograph of the lunchroom at the Fonda plant we heard from John St. Denis, who identified his father standing in the back of the crowd.

If you have old photographs you think should be preserved, or you would like to have the Museum feature in the Messenger, contact or call 527-7933.