If you were traveling down Lower Welden Street on July 26, 1928 perhaps you would have seen this photograph being taken

The St. Albans Grain Co. had quite a presence on that street for many years. As you approached the railroad tracks on Lower Welden Street the grain company buildings were on the left along the tracks. These buildings included a three or four story grain elevator! There were also the loading docks, storage buildings and the related business offices; all of which provided many jobs for the St. Albans community.

A copy of this photograph was brought in by Museum volunteer, Rae Laitres. If you very closely examine this photograph you can find Rae’s grandfather, John LaBounty, in the picture. It is a little tricky to locate him among so many people, but he is in the lower right corner of the photograph, about three rows back wearing a newsboy cap.

All of these men are workers for the St. Albans Grain Co/Wirthmore Feed Co, and it appears that everyone was there that day; labor, office and executive employees. They are posing for their official portrait in front of the business offices of which nothing remains today. The all-employee photograph was taken as part of two-day celebration to commemorate the St. Albans Grain Company’s 25th anniversary. All of the buildings have since been demolished including the elevator, and today the St. Albans Police and Fire Departments occupy part of site.

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