There was a potter producing pottery locally at St. Albans Bay in the middle of the 19th century. The St. Albans Museum has a fragment of one pitcher and another mostly intact pitcher, which were labeled as having been made at St. Albans Bay. Unfortunately, neither of the pieces are marked, but both have a very distinctive floral pattern around the base. On an 1857 map it looks like there was a potter just south of the brick store, but when a map from the 1870s is examined that label is gone.

Recently, two almost perfect pitchers came up at a local auction. They were at an auction of items from a family who once lived in St. Albans, and who were well known and successful during the time when they lived here in the city. The two pitchers you see here were purchased at that auction and given to the Museum because it is believed they were made by that potter at the Bay.

Can you help us with more information about this pottery? Is there a story in your family about its history? Do you too have a piece of it? Next summer our collection of St. Albans Bay pottery will be on display, and we hope you will visit to learn more about another piece of St. Albans’ rich past.

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