She received numerous awards during her time at Lyndon including LSC Coaches Awards in both soccer and basketball, NAC All-Conference Team Awards, LSC Women’s Soccer MVP Defensive Player (2011), LSC Green and Gold Scholar-Athlete (2011), the Dudley Bell Outstanding Student-Athlete 2012, and the NAC Woman of the Year Nominee in 2012.

Wilcox brought the game of soccer with her, and it proved to be a valuable tool in Africa. 

“There was a soccer field near my host family. I’d go down with the village boys and kick the ball around. I’d also get some of the girls to join us,” said Wilcox. “It helped me build relationships with the kids.”

Today, Wilcox works as a Behavior Interventionist at NCSS, volunteering with her church’s youth groups, and working with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

“I’m involved with youth all the time, whether it’s at my work or my church.”

Wilcox had wise advice for younger athletes looking to succeed both in sport and in life. 

“Put in work outside of the game when no one is watching,” said Wilcox. “When you’re practicing on your own you make breakthroughs, and you can develop on a personal level. It develops your character and brings value to you as a person.” 

“I also encourage athletes to explore other cultures and learn about what’s going on in the world.” 

A broader worldview and a life rooted in faith have helped Wilcox continue to grow and succeed at every level in life. Soccer has been present through it all. 

“Faith guided who I was on the field and helped me develop my character,” said Wilcox. “Soccer is a great platform to let people know the faith I have and what that’s done for me as an athlete.”