Cassidy Superneau and Hank take a turn in last weekend’s Midland Barrel event in Fonda, New York.

FONDA, NY — The Ridgefield Ranch racers traveled to Fonda, NY, for a weekend of racing at Midland Barrels.

Midland hosts races throughout the summer at the NYS Fairgrounds in Fonda, NY, with a goal to ‘increase fun and friendly competition in the Northeast.’

Cassidy Supeneau and Hank took full advantage of that friendly competition over the weekend and certainly had fun in the process.

“Hank and I were very consistent all weekend, but our runs were a little slower than usual,” said Superneau.

“I ran a 15.3 on Friday and placed 6th in the Open and second in the Youth Division.

On Saturday, Superneau and Hank ran a 15.2 and placed lower in both the 1D Youth and Open categories.

Persistence often pays off, and Superneau and Hank took to the track on Sunday, ready to compete.

“I finally hit my marks better and ran my fastest time of the weekend with a 14.9, and I placed third in the Open Division and Midland Sweepstakes and second in the Youth,” said Superneau.

The Midland races draw a larger crowd than the Vermont races. Over the weekend, 160 racers competed at Midland, while a Vermont race tends to attract between 40 and 60 riders.

Bigger crowds provide an excellent racing atmosphere, but the noise and excitement require even greater discipline from the horse and rider.

“I’m definitely a little more nervous at larger races, and the horses can feel that energy from me for sure,” said Superneau.

The weekend also provided Superneau with the opportunity to continue her work with her new horse.

“I’ve also been working with my new horse Honor a lot, and this weekend was a very good learning experience for us both.”

Racing is the main attraction at Midland, but Superneau enjoyed the entire experience.

“It was a great weekend with lots of competition and friends, and there was even a BBQ Saturday night with a live band playing!”

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