RICHFORD — The Richford Junior-Senior High School student section was eager to cheer for the Falcons as they took on visiting Enosburg on Monday, February 3rd.

The middle school portion of the student section at Richford Junior-Senior High School was very vocal about their support for the teams.

Marshall Moffat and eighth-grader, is looking forward to attending school at RJSHS next fall.

“I like the intensity of the games, and I know a lot of the people here,” said Moffat.

Jerrick Jacobs, a seventh-grader, has a favorite cheer.

“I like it when we cheer ‘Defense’; it picks up the intensity of the game and makes it harder for the visiting team’s players on the court to focus and throws them off balance,” said Jacobs.

“I also like having school spirit for my school. It’s fun for us to come out as a group and cheer for each other!”

Mitchell Kane plays basketball for the middle school team.

“I like having school spirit and cheering our teams on,” said Kane. “It feels right to cheer for your team and support your school. You’re also spreading the word that you care about your teammates and the players on the team.”

Kane hopes his cheering will help the Richford teams find energy as they play.

“I like the defense cheer because it switches the momentum of the game sometimes. If our team is coming back and closing the gap in the score, and we start yelling defense, we might push the momentum even more.”

Alessia Esposito from Spain plays on the girls’ basketball team, has sung the National Anthem before a game, and regularly cheers for the boys’ basketball team.

“I love it!” said Esposito with a bright smile. “It was great to sing the anthem, and I love to scream the names of the players, as well as ‘good job’ or ‘defense’!

“When I play basketball, and I hear the crowd cheering for me, it makes me feel so good, and it makes me work harder.”

Esposito plays basketball in Spain, but she loves her Richford team, and taking part in athletics and in the student section is something she will remember about her time in America.

Vanessa Cunningham, a freshman, joined Esposito for the interview.

“Everyone is so supportive, especially toward people they don’t really know. New people come to our school every year, and they show support for a team they haven’t been with for very long,” said Cunningham. “I really like that.”

Cunningham doesn’t play basketball, but she loves to cheer for the team.

“The girls’ team is always so appreciative of the crowd,” said Cunningham, “and they are a fun-loving team.”

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