BAKERSFIELD — This year’s 4th Annual Bakersfield Open boasted big numbers, a gorgeous green, and some stiff competition.

One hundred golfers took the course on Saturday, September 12, to play in the shotgun-style tournament created and organized by Bakersfield’s own Robbie Maher. (Full disclosure: Maher is a Messenger sports correspondent.)

“This year’s tournament was a massive success as it marked our biggest year to date as we reached our 25 team cap extremely fast,” said Maher.

Maher began the tournament when he was a high school junior at BFA St. Albans (class of 2018.)

“I am amazed at how much the tournament has grown. I think a lot of the growth can be attributed to the many folks that support both me and the wonderful causes that our tournament raises money for,” said Maher.

Money raised from this year’s tournament will go toward the following a scholarship for a graduating BFA St. Albans senior, the BFA St. Albans boys golf team, and the construction of a new “championship” tee box on the fourth hole of the Bakersfield Country Club.

“The Bakersfield Country Club membership enabled me to get this event off the ground in the first year or two, and now I would argue that this is developing into one of the best days of golf in the area,” said Maher.

This year’s tournament was based on the Masters theme Maher has used in the last two years, with two special additions.

This year’s winning team received “green jackets,” and a pond-skimming contest was added on the 8th hole.

The pond-skimming was a massive success; according to Maher, 96 of 100 players participated in the contest, and the winner took home around $800.

“I am proud of how much this event has grown since its first year; I’ve worked diligently to promote it and make it new and exciting each year,” said Maher.

“Thank you to the Bakersfield Country Club community, to my numerous friends that have helped this event grow over the years, and to all that have helped to make the event what it is today. May it keep growing!”

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