FRANKLIN COUNTY – The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department urges people venturing out on the ice of Vermont’s lakes and ponds to always put safety first and monitor ice conditions, especially after significant snow fall.

FRANKLIN COUNTY – Learning how to participate in an outdoor activity can be challenging, and ice fishing is a good example. Knowing this, the Vt. Fish and Wildlife Department has scheduled a series of free ice fishing clinics for anyone who would like to learn about the latest proven ice fis…

VERMONT – On December 6, Protect Our Wildlife, a Vermont all-volunteer wildlife protection advocacy group, submitted a petition to the Fish and Wildlife Board that seeks changes to trapping regulations in an effort to better protect pets, people, and raptors from injury and death in traps se…

FRANKLIN COUNTY – Finding a gift that will continue to give for a full year is a challenge, but the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has a solution on their website — a license gift certificate for hunting and fishing licenses.

FRANKLIN COUNTY – Data from the Vermont Department of Health shows a spike in tick activity from late October through November. At the same time Vermonters are out hunting, ticks are searching for an additional meal before winter.

FRANKLIN COUNTY – Vermont Fish and Wildlife is reminding hunters to wear fluorescent hunter orange.

FRANKLIN COUNTY – If you recreate in the outdoors and care about the quality of your recreational experience – the vast stretches of green, the opportunity to see wildlife, the health of Vermont’s forests – thank a hunter.

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FRANKLIN COUNTY – Millions of people across the globe have a passion for hunting. When the time comes to find gifts for the avid hunters in your life, indulging their passion for the great outdoors can make for the perfect present.

MONTPELIER – The ruffed grouse is an iconic game bird of Vermont that is widely recognized and enjoyed by hunters and non-hunters alike, but wildlife biologists are concerned that grouse populations across the Northeast have declined over the past 30 years.

MONTPELIER – Deer are one of the best known and most important species of wildlife in Vermont. However, they also must be managed in order to prevent damage to habitats and other wildlife. This can be a problem, particularly in some urban and suburban parts of the state.

FRANKLIN COUNTY – The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is providing the following list of certified leashed tracking dog owners who volunteer during the hunting seasons to help hunters locate deer or bear that have been shot during hunting season but not yet recovered. The leashed tracki…

MONTPELIER – The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department (VFWD) says that regulation designed to help keep Vermont deer healthy bans the use of any deer lure containing natural deer urine or other deer bodily fluids.