ENOSBURG — Sophie Burns got the Hornets started with a game-opening three and a breakaway layup on Wednesday evening, much to the delight of the Hornet student section.

The Division II Hornets (4) would roll to a commanding 58-33 victory over the Middlebury Tigers (13) in the opening playoff round.

Emily Adams kept the offense going for the Hornets, draining a three in the first five minutes of the game, and launching the Hornets to an 8-0 lead.

Burns netted another three in the waning minutes of the first, the Hornets rising to a commanding 15-2 lead with three minutes left on the clock.

Alison Bowen drained a triple bringing the Hornet tally to 20-4. The Hornets closed the first quarter with a commanding 24-5 advantage.

The Tigers opened the scoring in the second on a breakaway layup off of a steal, but the Hornets left the first half leading 35-19.

Enosburg was right back at it in the third, applying pressure and creating turnovers.

Allison Bowen put Enosburg over 40 as the third quarter neared completion. The Hornets enjoyed a flurry of offense in the final two minutes, exiting the third with a score of 48 — 24.

An enthusiastic ‘Go Bananas’ cheer from the student section ushered in the final quarter.

Allison Bowen drained her third triple to get the Hornets’ offense going midway through the fourth.

Middlebury had a scoring spurt in the fourth, but the Hornets countered, topping 50 and maintaining a 20 point lead, and eventually netting the win.

Sophie Burns led the Hornets with 18 points, and Allison Bowen had 13.

“The bench played well, and they took care of the basketball tonight. We got some good contributions from Ally on the bench, and Maddie and Emma played well,” said Enosburg coach, Gary Geddes.

“The starting five got us off to a good start tonight. The defense set the tone tonight. Sophie Burns had a real good first half.

“We scored a lot of points off of our turnovers, which is good. We’ve got a quick turnaround with a tough opponent, and we will do what we’ve got to do.”

Four Enosburg players, all sisters, especially enjoyed the game, and the chance to play another game together.

“I knew this could possibly be my last game with my sister, so I had to try as hard as I could,” said Sophie Burns. “Once I got going and my teammates were cheering me on, that was the best feeling. We all support each other!”

“I’ve always looked up to Lydia. She’s a senior this year, and I’m a freshman. It’s amazing to play on the same team as her,” said Allison Bowen.

Hannah Burns and Lydia Bowen, the older sisters in the group, shared their thoughts.

“I love playing with Sophie so much, and it’s so hard knowing that I’m not going to be playing with her after this year,” said Hannah Burns. “I can’t wait to come back from college and watch her play.

“I know she’s going to do amazing. I actually look up to her because she’s got some killer moves out there!”

“We know a lot about each other, so when we play together, we work really well together. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” said Lydia Bowen, “and that helps us bring the best out in each other.”

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