ENOSBURG – The Wednesday version of the Tuesday Men’s League contained some surprises.

The voices could be heard at the end of last season and again this year. Given Winston’s team ineptness of not finishing on the plus side, the guys, after learning that they were on his team, had second thoughts. Should they call in sick? Fake an injury? Burn their house down? Well it all ended this week as Winston, Bob “Bone” Mero, “Mr.” Ed McGarry, and Jerry “Mid Hole” Bouchard were a +20, usually enough to win easily.

Not so fast. The performance of the day, and maybe the top performance in the history of the League, went to Dick “The Warden” Hislop. The Warden made all his points in the first 9 holes, thanks to 5 birdies, then tacked on 17 more points the last 9 to give him 44 points and leading his team to a +28.5. Larry “Harley Boy” Wilson was +7.5, Stevie “Wonder” Rocheleau was +4.5, and the lucky one to be on this team Andy “Lawn Boy” Jette was a -.5. The Warden was most over with +17.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Dumpster Fire winners. Winston’s record of 6 last-place finishes last season looked to be a record that wouldn’t be broken. “Hold my beer,” says Bert “Eraser” Broe. Eraser made it 3 last place finishes in a row as his team finished -13.5 and they only had 3 guys. Andy “Yank” Bessette was -4.5, and Terry “Old Smoothie” Edwards’ wheels fell off his wagon as he was -9.5. That performance also earned Old Smoothie the coveted Crash and Burn Award for most under points.

Winston and Eraser both did the admirable thing; they blamed the losers that they played with.

A mistake last week in the listing of winners was pointed out by Gary “Ringo” Jacobs. Seems like Ringo was awarded prize money for being most over points at +7.5. Ringo informed Winston that he was in fact only +7, thus not deserving of the money. A quick check of last week’s cards proved Ringo right. Honest man that Ringo.

Hole of the week actually happened last week. Harley Boy Wilson was on the par 5 fourteenth hole in 2 shots – as a matter of fact, only 12 feet away from the hole. What happened next ranks up there with the Falcons’ collapse against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Harley Boy’s first putt, for eagle, went only 4 feet. His birdie putt sailed 10 feet past the hole, as did his par putt coming back. The next putt did drop as he snatched a bogey from the jaws of an eagle.

Harley Boy did win the random draw this week.

There were 6 skins this week, 2 of them being eagles. Craig “One Shot” Gilmond #2, The Warden #10, #11, #16, and George “Corkscrew” Gates Chipping in on #8. Bob “The Builder” Young also eagled #18.

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