{span}Craig Gilmond, who shot a hole-in-one during the opening day of men’s league golf at the Enosburg Country Club on Tuesday. {/span}

ENOSBURG — Hey hey hey! Guess what’s back? The geese on #3. What else? Tuesday morning men’s league golf!

We were thinking about 25 guys would show up and we had 44. That’s almost capacity as carts for everyone become scarce.

Last season, Roland “Butterscotch” Daudelin was basically shut out from prize money the whole season. He never really recovered from the steroid scandal of the season before when he was raking in the loot. His +7 combined with Brent “Lefty” Lussier, Bob “Flower” Tower, and Larry “3 Bird” Wilson was good for a first place finish, winning with 17.5 points, edging out the second place team by a half point.

Last season Craig “One Arm” Gilmond was rehabbing a torn tendon and played average golf for a guy with only one good arm. He seems to be okay this season as he won the most over points with a +15, including a hole in one on #15. Maybe he was running a tab at the bar, but I didn’t see it. Never the less, congrats to “One Shot” Gilmond on his ace.

So you’re probably wondering how a team with One Shot having a +15--why didn’t they win. First of all, even though it’s a good shot, an eagle counts for 6 points, not the 8 points that One Shot posted. The other is Tim “Mr. 30” Columb. Mr. 30 was -8 and that brought them down out of first place. The Crash and Burn Award this week goes to Mr. 30, who next week will be known as Mr. 28.

A new year, but some things remain the same. Last season, Winston was on teams that finished last a record 6 times. Fast forward to this year. The unlucky team mates of Winston today were Darren “Iron Only” Austin and Gary “Ringo” Jacobs. Iron Only was +3.5, but he couldn’t carry Winston and Ringo the whole round as the team was -2.5, enough to win the Dumpster Fire Award.

The winner of the random draw which replaces closest to pin was Dan “The Fish” Poissant.

Five skins this week paid: Phil “6 String” Lovelette #3, Dick “Not Richard” Hislop #5, Captain “Kangaroo” #11, One shot #15, and Terry “Old Smoothie” Edwards #18.

We’re living in a different world than we were last season. Overall things went pretty smooth for the first week. Thanks all for your support.

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