Danielle Cummings takes the jump on the Mad River course on Monday.

FAYSTON — Two Franklin County Alpine racers, Georgia Casavant and Danielle Cummings, proved their mettle at Mad River Glen on Monday. Cummings skied to silver, and Casavant took fourth.

“When it was down to semi-finals, it was Georgia, Danielle, and two ladies from Stowe,” said BFA coach Jay Cummings.

“Dual Slalom is one of the most exciting events in alpine skiing, but one of the scariest too. Trying to do your thing with another racer right next to you can be distracting and intimidating.”

Cummings explained that the recent snowstorm might have been great for ski resorts, but it’s the least desirable thing for ski racing.

“We prefer ice, so the course doesn’t get chewed up. By the end of the second run, the course deteriorated tremendously,” explained Cummings.

“The ruts were huge when the runoffs started with the top 16 athletes facing off for elimination.”

A jump halfway through the Mad River course at the pitch where racers approached top speed, added to the danger and excitement.

“Georgia and Danielle’s vast ski racing backgrounds allowed them to handle this pressure cooker with ease.”

In a conventional race, skiers take one race run, rest up, and then take one more.

“Danielle and Georgia both raced a total of 10 race runs between qualifier, shootouts, and finals. It’s go, go, go, all day,” said Cummings.

Cummings explained that the event is not without risks.

“One of the top ladies augered in off the jump on the very first run and went home pretty banged up. Dani and Gigi skied fearlessly and represented Franklin County excellently.”

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