ST. ALBANS — The 2019 Comet softball team secured the DI state title against in-county rival MVU in a game that kept fans on the edges of their seats from start to finish.

Before the cancellation of the spring season, there was little doubt that this year’s Comets were going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Coach Bert Berthiaume recognized each of the returning seniors whose spring season was canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“Sarah Magnan would have been a two year player on varsity this season. She is an awesome young lady who became a true representative of what being a Comet truly means.

“Sarah didn’t get a great deal of playing time last year, but that didn’t deter her from working hard, improving each day, and being a great teammate.

“She was loved and respected by the other Comets; she has a contagious smile and is simply just one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

“I had the privilege of having Sarah in class during her junior year. She is one of the strongest students that I have ever had. I don’t think she made more than two mistakes all year!

“She is headed for the University of New Hampshire in the fall. I am confident that she will excel in the collegiate world. She has a bright future ahead of her; I’m honored to have had the opportunity to coach her.”

Paige Jaycox was also a second year player for the Comets.

“Paige earned her spot on the team last year with a good tryout. She kept working and eventually earned a starting spot as our designated player.

“She had some big moments for us throughout the season. However, her biggest contributions didn’t come on the diamond. Her biggest contribution was her ability to make the season fun for everyone,” said Berthiaume.

“Her sense of humor and boisterous laugh can make even the dullest day of indoor practice fun. I can honestly say there wasn’t a single day when this girl didn’t put a smile on this old coach’s face!

“I am proud of Paige, and I wish her the best as she travels to the warm state of Florida in Jacksonville to continue her academic journey.”

May Gratton would have been a three-year starter for the Comets this season.

“May was coming off an outstanding junior season. She pitched a gem in the State Finals, but that was only a glimpse of the incredible season she had.

“She came to the plate eighty-one times and ended up scoring fifty runs; this is an incredible statistic. She, along with her sister Autumn, was an incredible spark to get the Comet Engine running.

“Her passion for softball and her desire to be the best that she could be drove her to be an amazing player. The drive for excellence doesn’t only exist on the diamond; it is also quite evident in the classroom,” said Berthiaume.

“May is an outstanding student and will continue her quest for knowledge on the west side of our country. She will be traveling to Oregon State University to continue her studies. I am proud of her and am anxious to see the great things that this young lady will accomplish in her lifetime.”

Avery Daudelin would have been a four-year starter for the Comets this spring.

“Avery is an incredible young lady that I have had ample time to get to know. I was privileged to have her in class these last two years.

“Her passion for softball is contagious, and she was a true leader on this team. You could always count on her to be supporting and encouraging during the game, and you had no choice but to be excited to play when you are with Avery,” said Berthiaume.

“On the field, she had a great career. She moved to third base, was outstanding and reliable at that position, and offensively could be counted on for that timely hit. A home run in the semifinals last year was a great reward for an incredible career.

“Avery will stay local and continue her educational journey at the University of Vermont. I am proud to have worked with her during these past four years, and I wish her the best as she continues to follow her dreams.”

Meghan Connor would have been a four year starter for the Comets this spring.

“I have coached some very talented softball players over these past thirty-three years. Meghan is the most talented overall player that I have coached.

“Her ability to hit home runs is what people will remember, but she was more than a homerun hitter. She has set numerous season and career records for the Comets that will be hard to break,” said Berthiaume.

“She capped off a great career with an incredible championship game performance. She caught a great game as she and May were in sync throughout the game, and she had one ball hit off the top of the fence and another over the fence.

“She then finished off her career with a great double play on a throw to home by Caitlyn Dasaro to propel the Comets to the Championship.

“Meghan is a humble player and a wonderful young lady that has made us proud. She will continue her studies and her softball quest at Endicott College this fall.”

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