FAIRFAX — Faithful fans and family members filled the sidelines and end lines of the Farifax soccer field on Friday night as the Fairfax and Enosburg varsity girls soccer teams took the field for the annual under the lights game. The night was also set aside to recognize the Fairfax seniors who were playing their final regular season game on their home field.

Claire Bushey, Katie Munson, Baylee Laforce, Erin Ploof, and Alissa Geremski all all enjoyed a close game with a 2-1 win over the Hornets.

Bushey scored the first for Fairfax on Friday, netting a goal on a penalty kick in the second half.

“Tonight was pretty amazing,” said Bushey. “The seniors are ending the season well this year.”

Munson noted that the game against Enosburg was a good example of how the Bullets have played all season.

“We’ve been a second half team this season,” said Munson. “This has probably been the best year and the best team I’ve been with at Fairfax. We work really well together, and it’s amazing! I’m happy to end my season with these seniors!”

Geremski was grateful for the season and for the evening the group of close friends could spend together on Friday.

“We’ve been working on this for so long, and it’s awesome!” said Geremski. “It feels amazing to be with this group of people for this long and get this win tonight.”

Ploof, surrounded by her senior teammates, smiled as she spoke of the game they’d just won.

“This win means a lot for all of seniors,” said Ploof. “We’ve played our whole high school career together, and it’s amazing to come out with a win tonight.”

Ploof spoke for the group as she talked about their coach, Jojo Lynch.

“Jojo has had a big impact on me and on all of us,” said Ploof. “We all struggled the first couple of weeks this year, but she turned us around and helped us get better. She motivates all of us!”

Laforce found it hard to believe that she’d just played her own senior game.

“I’ve played in the senior games in the past as an underclassman, but it was so different for me to play as a senior. It’s so odd being the one that’s running through the gate that says ‘BFA Fairfax’ with all my friends,” said Laforce. “It’s sad, but it’s so great at the same time!”

Coach Lynch spoke highly of the group of girls she’s had the pleasure to coach through their senior season.

“I’m very proud of all of them. I’ve coached most of them for a few years, and it’s been a great run. Watching them grow and mature into the young adults that they are has been awesome,” said Lynch. “I’m proud of all the seniors from both Fairfax and Enosburg. It’s a huge accomplishment to get four years of soccer under your belt.”

The game, played in a mix of spitting rain and the occasional snowflake, began with a goal scored by the Hornets. Michaela Chase put the Hornets on the board with roughly 20 seconds on the clock.

The tide turned late in the second half as Claire Bushey put her team on the board, tying the game with 10 minutes on the clock. Three minutes later, Anna Sargent netted the winning goal for the Bullets.

“I was talking to my mom before the game today and telling her I was so nervous because I really wanted the win for the girls on their senior night,” said Lynch. “I told the girls yesterday that it was going to be a nerve wracking game and there would be a lot of people here.”

“The girls were very composed and played very well tonight. I was very proud of them,” said Lynch.

Lynch noted that the penalty kick turned the momentum in favor of the Bullets.

“We’ve been focusing on playing both halves equally, and not just in the second half,” said Lynch. “We did a good job of that tonight, and the PK helped us out a lot.”

Ensoburg head coach Jason Hart, who’s Hornets sit in fifth, was hoping for a split with Fairfax after falling 3-2 to the Bullets earlier in the season.

“The penalty kick really changed the momentum,” said Hart. “That happened to us in the first game against us; we gave up a penalty kick early in the second half. It has an impact on the game, and it’s unfortunate, but it happens.”

“I was pleased with how the girls played in general, they played hard,” said Hart. “Fairfax is good. They’re a skilled team, a well coached team, and they play quality soccer. They fight for the whole game and we had a hard time getting by them.”

Hart gave Fairfax goalkeeper Kamryn Taylor credit for her role in the win.

“Taylor is huge for them. I’m not excited about having to see her for two more years after this one,” said Hart. “We had some really good chances in the first half, but we couldn’t get by her.”

Megan Severance, one of Enosburg’s seniors, made a stunning defensive save in the second half, stepping in front of a ball headed directly for the goal with just inches to spare.

“Megan has done a lot of stuff for us and I’ve had her in different places throughout the year,” said Hart. “I’ve started playing her in the back, and she’s done a lot of great stuff for us back there.”

Farifax traveled to Danville on Saturday for their final regular season game, earning a 6-0 win.

“This was a great game coming off of our senior night fun,” said Fairfax head coach Jojo Lynch. “I was proud of the kids for their ability to turn around with no rest and win another game the following day!”

Senior, Claire Bushey, reached a milestone in her senior season.

“Claire scored the 15th goal for the season which was her goal for the season,” said Lynch,” so that was awesome!”

Fairfax goals were scored by Claire Bushey (2), Katie Munson, Bridgett Dunn, Erin Ploof, and Molly Wimette.

Fairfax goaltender Kamryn Taylor had 6 saves for the Bullets.