ENOSBURG — The Enosburg high school baseball field was bustling on Tuesday evening as fans spread out along the sideline to take in the contest between Enosburg Babe Ruth and St. Albans Babe Ruth team 1.

Life seemed normal for a few hours as the crack of the bat, the snap of a ball in the leather of a catcher’s mitt, and the cheers from the dugout filled the warm evening air.

Games have been drawing larger than average crowds this summer as sports fans, starved for baseball and softball during the COVID-19 closures, have come out to enjoy ‘America’s favorite pass time.’

St. Albans held a substantial lead all evening, but Enosburg, who did display some defensive gems during the early innings, managed to plate a few runs in a late rally.

Enosburg, Swanton, and St. Albans Babe Ruth teams combined players from surrounding towns to form six teams with players league age 13-15. Games are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6pm and Saturdays mornings at 10 am.

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