ESSEX — Each year, the best high school seniors in Division I and II are nominated by their coaches to be eligible for the All-Star Classic.

After the nominations are in, a coaches meeting is held and from the nominations, two teams are selected, two for men and two for women.

The two teams are always called the Harris and the Austin teams, named after the founders of the Rotary.

Players meet a week before the games to get team pictures taken, practice, and get Jerseys.

On game day, Rotarians run the games and the concession stand and sell shirts and to raise money for charities.

In high school hockey, it is an honor to be chosen for the Rotary game. It is the final high school game players will participate in, and it’s a day of emotion and celebration for parents and players.

Essex Rotary uses all proceeds from the game for many service projects, including scholarships for area students, food shelves, helping hand to people in the community, the Rotary Foundation, and a variety of local, national and international assistance projects.

Sadly, this year’s game has been cancelled in the midst of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Girls Rotary Team: BFA St. Albans Selections


Harris Team

Carolyn Perry

Meghan Connor

Grace Adamczak

Hailey Savage


Chloe Rouleau

Abbie Casey


Madeleine Hungerford


Jeff Rouleau

Boys Rotary Team Selections

Austin Team


Parker Gratton — BFA St. Albans

Derek Nadeau — BFA St. Albans

Caden Hart — BFA St. Albans


Dominic Liscinsky — BFA St. Albans


Dan Ellis — BFA St. Albans

Harris Team


Nick DeSouza — Milton

Owen Perry — Milton


Kyle Gilbert — MVU


Jackson Eleher — Milton

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