ST. ALBANS – This photo came from the Towle’s Studio, which was located at 70 North Main Street, St. Albans.

The business of “Carl F. Brown, Harness Maker” is listed in the 1919 St. Albans directory as located at 13 Stebbins Street. In the 1914 directory, the earlier location was at 18 Fairfield Street. 

Unfortunately, we don’t know the reason for this display of tractors in front of the establishment. The sign placed on the ground in front of the tractors says “International Harvester Tractor.” 

The tractor would soon replace the horse on many farms. Would Mr. Brown have decided to move forward with this new technology, since his harness-making business would be in decline? A prudent move on his part, if that was the case. 

The building still exists, along with the building to the left, though changes have been made to its façade. The buildings to the right were demolished and the Federal Building now occupies that area. 

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