ST. ALBANS — The Maple Run Unified School District (MRUSD) board has won the 2017 Vermont School Board Association (VSBA) award for exceptional leadership, in part due to the way the board handled the unification of three school districts under Act 46.

“Vermont has nearly 300 elected boards that oversee the system of public education,” said Nicole Mace, the executive director of VSBA. “The award for exceptional board leadership is a means of recognizing the contributions of a specific school board. It is also a way to recognize all of the hard work done by board members who serve throughout the state.”

Maple Run’s efforts to merger three school districts under Act 46 were recognized as an “outstanding” example of successful unification by the VSBA.

Letters of support for the nomination from MRUSD administrators, community members and the St. Albans Messenger highlighted the “board’s commitment to educational equity, community engagement, transparency, and fiscal responsibility, all cornerstones of Act 46,” stated the VSBA in a press release.

Seven administrators from the MRUSD nominated the board for the award. In their letter to the VSBA selection committee, the administrators state, “All [board members] are deeply committed to making Maple Run Unified School District the best it can be for the students it serves at a cost that is sustainable for the communities.”

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