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Dear Community,

The Maple Run Unified School District just started in-service for our faculty and staff this past Wednesday. Almost 600 employees returned to school to prepare for what’s going to be a truly unique year for everyone. As per the Governor’s order, the first day of school in Vermont will be September 8, 2020.

Our families have been receiving communications from our District Office, however, we have been transitioning the information to start coming directly from each school. For example, below is part of a letter sent to the families of BFA St. Albans High School and another letter sent to Fairfield Central School families. You can find the complete letters as well as other school communications by visiting the COVID-19 Resources website at Here you will see each school listed on the left side of the page. Next week we’ll share segments of communications from the other schools in the District.

Our community is strong and we are all committed to doing our best at keeping staff and students healthy and safe. For answers to any questions you may have, please send an email to or call the message line at 802-370-3966.


Kevin Dirth,

Superintendent of Schools

Recent Communication from Fairfield Center School

Dear Fairfield Families and Friends,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year at Fairfield Center School with our summer information packet. Certainly, this year is going to look and feel much different than previous years. I ask that you take some time to read and understand this letter and the documents that follow, and to fully complete the forms we need, returning them right away.

Important Information:

Hybrid Learning: We will engage in hybrid learning until it is deemed safe to bring all children back into the building at one time. Approximately half of our students will report to school on Monday and Tuesday (Blue Days), our school is deep cleaned on Wednesdays (nobody in the building), and half of our students will report to school on Thursday and Friday (Green Days).

On the three remote learning days, students will complete work that they have been prepared for while they were in person. All of this work will take place on SeeSaw (K-1) and Google Classroom (2-8).

The classroom teacher will reach out to your child at least once during their remote days. Times are limited because the teacher will also be teaching the children who are in person. Some teachers will make use of FlipGrid for this contact, allowing your child to connect with a short video.

Jes Hathaway will be available during remote days to support or tutor students working from home. She can be reached at or 802-827-0249. Her office hours for phone calls and emails are 8:10-11:40 Monday and Thursday and 12:10-3:40 Tuesday and Friday. She will also be available via Zoom according to a grade-specific schedule you will receive at a later date.

School Work: In the spring, our main focus was the social and emotional health of students who were suddenly no longer in their school buildings. We had very limited expectations in terms of work completion. During hybrid learning, that all changes.

Students must complete all work assigned for remote days in order to receive scores and to be promoted to the next grade. This is not optional.

Families who opt for the 100% Virtual Academy must understand that completion of all assigned work is required in order to receive scores, professional feedback, and eventual promotion to the next grade.

Initial School Work Expectations: Our main focus as we get back to in person education will be relationship building, mental wellness, and procedural training. Academic work will begin very slowly at first as we get everyone used to being in a school building in a new way.

For the complete letter and other communications, please visit the Fairfield Center School website.

Recent Communication from BFA St. Albans High School

August 12, 2020

Dear BFA Students and Families:

We could not be more excited to say, welcome back to BFA! While we are still a month away from the opening of school, we felt it essential to share some information relevant to school opening. Please take the time to read through this letter carefully as it contains many details.

The BFA Administration would like to thank our educators, Department Chairs, Student and Athletic Councils for meeting throughout the summer to see that our reopening plan has us fully ready to meet the needs of our students, staff, and community. Our plan is based on four guiding principles:

Our highest priority in any decision we make about the school’s operation is the safety and social-emotional well-being of our students, families, staff, and community.

We will build upon BFA’s programmatic excellence through engaging and rigorous learning experiences, regardless of the learning mode (in-person, hybrid, or virtual).

Our approach will advance our efforts to focus on what matters most and how traditional content serves the development of our Transferable Skills.

We will have the flexibility to continually improve and adjust as necessary to meet our students’ needs.

In response to the ever-changing nature of today’s learning needs, we have created a hybrid learning model starting with 50% capacity on campus. This approach will allow us to be fully prepared for 100% capacity on campus, or to move to full virtual learning depending on state and local requirements. It is essential that all members of the BFA community maintain a flexible and adaptable mindset for the 2020-2021 academic year.

With Freshman Orientation on Tuesday, September 8th, we welcome all students in the Green cohort to in-person learning on Thursday, September 10th and Friday, September 11th; and the Blue cohort to virtual learning on these days. Those in the Blue cohort will start in-person learning Monday, September 14th and Tuesday the 15th.

Safety and Learning Procedures

Details regarding our safety procedures, and learning expectations while in hybrid learning may be found in the BFA Covid-19 Handbook. This handbook is a fluid document that we will adjust as necessary to meet the latest guidelines or needs.

Learning Model

By leveraging what we know about brain-based learning and student engagement, we have designed a re-entry plan that connects students to peers, teachers, and learning while keeping safety front and center. School will open for students in a hybrid teaching and learning structure. This will allow for our safe return to campus and the flexibility to transition to full in-person learning and/or virtual learning as state and local guidelines dictate.

In BFA’s hybrid learning model, students will attend school in the Blue Group on Mondays and Tuesdays or the Green Group on Thursdays and Fridays. Students are divided into Blue and Green cohorts so approximately 50% of students will be on campus each day. On virtual learning days, students will attend classes online, joining classes via Google Classroom, and engaging with classmates and teachers. Given our guiding principles and the importance of continuous learning throughout the week, it will be mandatory for students to attend their classes, whether in-person or virtual. Attendance will be tracked daily. As mentioned, our schedule gives us the flexibility to move to full in-person classes or shift to entirely virtual, as necessary. Wednesdays allow us to continue to thoroughly clean the building and connect students with their teachers via virtual office hours. Advisory will meet every day to ensure daily student contact.

Students who cannot attend school in person due to health concerns or other reasons can select a fully virtual model and access their classes from home, providing a simultaneous connection to courses. Further information on the process of enrolling in this completely virtual option (including the documentation needed) will follow. In addition, some programs and student learning needs may necessitate a full on-campus option.

BFA Schedule

The BFA Semester 1 Schedule. Semester 2 will have classes 1, 3, 7, 5. We have been examining creative ways to utilize our space and schedule to better meet the needs of our students in the Performing Arts, Physical Education, Advanced Placement and other classes. The all-student morning Enrichment/Credit Recovery in semester 1 allows us to meet some of these needs.

Northwest Career & Technical Center (NCTC) Schedule

Your schedule will follow the BFA schedule. You will receive additional information directly from the NCTC. In the meantime, please direct your questions to Leeann Wright, Director of NCTC at or call 527-6510.

For the complete letter and other communications, please visit the BFA St. Albans website.

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