I recently found out that most American college students will not be given support from the stimulus bill because they are claimed as dependents by their parents. I am a student who works as a nanny to support myself, and I am obviously not working that job anymore. Most college students are adults who work and files a tax return, and make less than almost anyone. If the point of the stimulus package is to help people who are hurting, not including college students feels like a massive oversight. College students are some of the most financially vulnerable people in our country, why are we pretending that they don't exist during this time? Many adults have not lost their jobs and are still making as much (if not more) with the outbreak. They are still getting the stimulus checks. And to be very clear, my plea does not negate or ignore the struggles of those in poverty in America. I believe all of those families deserve and need help. But we are not just discussing aid for those among us who need it most. This stimulus is going to a massive portion of the population, most of whom do not live at or below the poverty line.
People who are making $99,000 a year will receive a check in the mail, but college students will not.
If the point of the stimulus is to inject money into the economy and encourage people to spend, why exclude college students? Of every one, the money given to college students is almost guaranteed to be put right back into the economy, as most do not have the luxury of saving. Lets also not forget we are the work force and taxpayers of the future, we will be the ones paying for this stimulus package for the rest of our lives. A stimulus package that ignored us. Yes, many students' parents help support them, but that is not an income that makes them immune from the hardships of the outbreak. My parents' financial support and nannying bring me nowhere near the income cap. I am financially okay for the moment, but I worry and feel for all the other college students that just barely scrape by. Just because a parent pays for part of a student's education does not mean they can or will bankroll them during this difficult financial time. College students are extremely vulnerable as they usually work at a part time service job, jobs that were the first to be shut down with the epidemic, and usually haven't been working somewhere long enough or with enough hours to qualify for unemployment. There is a narrative in our country that anyone who goes to college is privileged, financially secure, and does not face poverty, but that is not reflected in the facts. A recent study by The Hope Center showed that 45% of US college students qualify as food insecure. Many students go on scholarship, scrape together the money to pay rent and buy food. This whole situation is a gross oversight and we need to fight for the unheard, the students who are scared out of their mind that they will not be able to pay their bills. These are young people who need our support.

Marlena Valenta

Enosburg Falls

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