Is it me, an aging spinster? Am I the only one apparently frozen in time? Does no one else have their jaw drop when they read about our presidential candidates proposing trillion dollar programs, whether it’s climate change, or Medicare for All, or the nation’s infrastructure, or forgiving all college loans, free tuition, etc.?

It annoys me to no end that the media puts out stories on all their proposals, but they don’t do the math behind them. They never tell us where the money is to come from and what the trade-offs are.

I’m pretty sure that our own Bernie Sanders has raised and spent the same dollar about a dozen times. But we treat his proposals - and those of Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris - as if they are doable, that they are separate from one another, and that they can all be done at once, with the government still going about it’s daily business.

It’s stupid. And stupid is as stupid does.

I offer this as a Republican, but as one who detests the Republican we have in the White House.

Bethany Myers

Michelle Monroe is the executive editor of the St. Albans Messenger. To contact her email