Watch for School Bus flashing YELLOW lights and slow down and stop. If you see a bus ahead of you driving down the road with Yellow lights flashing, then beware that they will soon be coming to a stop at which time their RED flashing lights come on. When the RED flashing lights come on there may be a group of children charging for the bus from across the road! So PLEASE, SLOW DOWN AND STOP before the RED FLASHING lights come on, because by that time you will have no time to stop and may have the biggest heart ache of your life. 
One day a few years ago I was traveling along route 7 on my way to an early morning Bible study when I saw a bus approaching from the opposite direction. It put on its YELLOW flashers so I slowed down. It was along way off at the time so when it did not put on its RED flashers and stop I continued to go although slowly (maybe 20mph). I kept watching for the lights to change but they did not......until "BANG", they came on and 2 or 3 little children came rushing toward the passenger side of my car to cross the road to the bus. I had not seen the children, focused on the bus's flashing lights. At that point I had no way to stop as I was right there. I slowed to stop but was too late and stopped but then went on. I was a bit terrified (as I am sure they were also) that I had come within feet if not inches of disrupting the life of our beloved school children. I had not known that busses now had YELLOW flashing lights to warn people of their impending stop instead of, as in the past, purely RED flashing lights telling us to stop (before they stop and pick up kids) and remain stopped until the lights turn off. The Yellow light thing confused me having grown up with just the Red lights.  
So please for the children and for your own peace of mind slow down and stop for school buses when they put on their YELLOW flashing lights if you have time to stop because by the time they turn RED you may not have time to stop and be hit with possibly the worst heart ache of your life. God bless the children and the drivers with care to look out for one another.
And, please, when ever you meet or come upon a School bus on the road, look out for children approaching or leaving the roadway. Drive safely and have a good day!

Gerald Gates


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