To the Constituents of Franklin-5:

In September, Representative Fegard and I set out on a mission to learn as much as we could about our district – for six weeks, we attended School Board, Selectboard, and Planning Commission meetings in each of our four towns in the evenings and farm tours, site visits, bill signings, and community agency meetings during the day, in addition to the regular work we do for the boards we sit on individually. We listened, we asked questions, and we learned so much about your concerns and the issues that face your towns.

That first meeting on Labor Day brought to light the distressing state of economic and community  development in Richford. We walked out of that meeting determined to do whatever we could to give those interested constituents resources to change how they look at the opportunities that are available to them. Our research led to this past Thursday night, with the first of what we hope are many productive public meetings with State, Federal, and private agencies that provided information to town officials and property owners about grants, tax credits, and programs geared toward rural housing and economic and community development. The knowledge that we gained can be used in any of our communities and applies to both public and private projects ranging from ADA-accessibility to historic preservation to planning grants and entrepreneurial seed money. For more information, links to these programs will be available electronically from your Town Clerks.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to get to know my constituents and our communities. I look forward to continuing to serve my neighbors in Highgate, Franklin, Berkshire, and Richford.

Representative Lisa A Hango