Donald J. Trump in his 2016 presidential campaign wanted to have "America First."  Now in his reelection bid he uses the phrase "Promises Made - Promises Kept." Of course the president has not kept many of his promises - he said he would release his financial statements - he hasn't; he said he would have an infrastructure bill that would rebuild America - he hasn't; he said he would stop Obama Care and replace it with the best health care plan for Americans in the world - he didn't; etc., etc.  However he did keep his promise to make America first in one regard.  The United States of America is the wealthiest nation on the planet and is the most technologically advanced.  We have just four percent of the world's population.  Yet through the ineptness of President Trump and his administration, our great nation leads the world in both the total number of Coronavirus 19 infection cases and deaths.  Congratulations Mr. President you have made "America First!"

Jim Croft

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