As we are approaching the Fall of 2020, with so many plans and approaches to  how the schools and workplaces will be adapting to COVID-19 regulations to operate safely and at the same time provide a productive and positive work-school environment for their employees, associates, and students.

This Fall will be like no other for all of us, along with the strong political climate we are witnessing first hand, as we brace for changes along with a positive outlook for our future, in both COVID-19 for a vaccine, and for creating a country that rallies together as one, not divided, but truly a unified approach to making needed and positive changes for all Americans.

If one thing this pandemic has taught us as Americans, it is not to ever take things for granted, like the importance of having true leadership in place at every level of our society, that is able to understand and grasp the importance of placing others in front of themselves to help come to

resolutions as a team effort, not a solo performer who only thinks about themselves.

To realize the amount of commitment from those selfless leaders has been an eye-opening experience to see, the countless dedication to making life better for those around them and others whom they may never meet, but know they helped them in some way or another by being dedicated to helping others.

It is those leaders I call out to and say thank you to, keep believing in doing the right thing. It matters now more than ever before.


Dennis Golas

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