Urge Town voters to support Erin and Jonathan

Jessica Frost and Brendan Deso, the Town’s youngest and newest members of the Saint Albans Town Selectboard, have brought insightful and new vitality and direction to the Town and community. Under their leadership and vision these two Selectboard persons have moved the Town-City relationship to a new era of multi-faceted partnerships based on mutual respect and cooperation, assured the Town Manager form of municipal governance, moved the bureaucracy of sidewalk planning to incremental construction, affirmed the Board’s respect and support for the Town’s employees and manager along with other notable accomplishments.

This coming Town Meeting Day we have two new young people seeking election to the Town’s Selectboard. They are Erin Creley and Jonathan Giroux. Erin Creley has an MBA from the University of Vermont and works in health care as a Quality Improvement Specialist.

Jonathan Giroux is a Master Plumber and has his own business in Saint Albans. Their combination of experience and talents will enhance and compliment Jessica’s and Brendan’s non traditionalist approaches to community relations, balancing future amenities and infrastructure needs of the Town with responsible taxation that is affordable for the Town residents.

This opportunity to add two more young people to the Selectboard will add depth and strength in managing the very serious and difficult social, economic and environmental problems the Town needs to address and assure that the Town and community remain viable and attractive for the children of GenX and Millennials to remain in our community as they mature into adults – a time line from 2020 to 2050.

As a Depression era baby who is now in his eightieth year, I have both enjoyed and learned much from my three years on the Selectboard. Probably most importantly I have accepted with absolute certainty I won’t be alive in 2050 – a symbolic year that will forecast the Planet’s future. What is done to mitigate the production of carbon into the atmosphere during the next thirty years will significantly impact today’s children’s children. As an old person, that’s hard for me imagine those implications or the actions younger people will find acceptable to protect the atmosphere and their future wellbeing. For me that is the paramount task for those who will live in and beyond 2050. Today’s GenX’ers, Millennials and latest generation designates, the GenZ’s must be in charge of their own destiny.

I strongly urge my older compatriots, depression era babies, war babies and baby boomers to buttress the future by supporting GenX and the Millennial citizens to assume governance of the Town’s future. Please vote on March 3rd for Erin and Jonathan.


Al Voegele

About our health?

There has been a fair amount of news in recent weeks about how scientists, the medical researchers in particular, are figuring out that cannabis, or pot, is affecting the cardiovascular health of people who smoke it.

Yet I don’t read much about it in the Vermont media. And I wonder why. And maybe this is a question for legislators more than it is the press, afterall, they are the ones who ultimately have to decide what is best for the state and their constituents. And maybe the answer lies within the question. Maybe this is settled thought. If a commercial market is established then the sellers make some money and state government takes its share which, i guess, is good for the state treasury.

But is it really? The experiment, and it still is an experiment, isn’t going so well in other states. But bottom line, isn’t it a legislator’s responsibility to act on matters in the best health of those they serve? Why is it that we don’t talk about the health issues of smoking pot? Why do we just talk about the money?

T. Delaney

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