I'm excited to be supporting Jonathan Giroux and Erin Creley in their respective races for seats on our Town's Selectboard. Since Town Meeting Day 2019, the Town has made a great deal of progress for our community on key issues. We've been able to work more closely with our neighbors in the City, which has allowed us to collaborate on projects such as the extension of the Fairfield Street sidewalk into the Town, which the Town paid for and the City is now maintaining in the winter months. We've been able to have meaningful conversations on mutually beneficial subjects, and our tensions have thawed to a pretty remarkable degree considering just how many decades of animosity we've experienced between our two municipalities.

This year's Selectboard has also made progress on key organizational issues inherited from the previous board. The level of micromanagement of the Town Manager by the Selectboard has drastically decreased. We've been able to be better supporters of our employees and their needs, mainly by allowing the Manager to execute her duties without undue interference. We've also been able to be more responsive to the needs of our business owners and our residents by taking measures such as the Town's interim bylaw on daycare centers. All of this progress for the Town can largely be attributed to the fact that you, the voters, have elected a few new voices to serve on your Selectboard in recent years.

The Town and City should be able to sit in a room, and civilly discuss issues that we can solve together. We should be able to work together to not duplicate costs for our taxpayers whenever possible. We need to be able to communicate with each other effectively and civilly, without dramatic antics or dwelling on issues that we've historically disagreed on. I think Erin and Jonathan will be valuable contributors to these conversations, as well as all others to be had by the Selectboard.

Erin and Jonathan are pragmatic, thoughtful volunteers with contrasting backgrounds and fantastic skill sets. They're knowledgeable, hard working people who would make excellent representatives of our Town on the Selectboard. Please join me in supporting both Jonathan Giroux and Erin Creley on or before Town Meeting Day. Thank you!

Brendan Deso

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