Open Letter to Vermont Governor Phil Scott from a concerned educator; Gov. Phil Scott any chance we can rethink this closing of schools since science now shows it should be safe according to scientific studies discussed in this article “Experts fail to find a single case of children passing virus to adults” in the “Sydney Morning Herald" I completely understand why back in March the schools were shut down. We didn’t understand this virus or how it attacks us but this article gives evidence that not a single case of COVID19 has been transferred from a young child. We know based on the data that children are not very susceptible to getting sick from the virus or if they do it is not as serious. As a teacher and a Vermont citizen, it makes no sense based on this data to rob our students of their right to an education - especially the Class of 2020 ! You can see there is no danger from the virus for our students or their families or their teachers! But there is grave danger to leaving them at home, it is causing difficulties for their families as well as their education. I know that some teachers (not all) are happy if we can get more than 50-60% of our kids to engage during this distance learning! What about the rest? Please Gov. Phil Scott you are making choices all the time, please make a choice for our Vermont students! Please don’t “out of an abundance of caution“ for their health make the choice to completely disrupt their education. They need you now more than ever! Open our schools and let parents decide if their kids return or not. We have almost 7 weeks left, we can salvage their school year if you act quickly. I’m sure most parents will choose to send their kids back, and teachers will as always do a great job of engaging them! You are beginning to allow parents to get back to work, to help families, don’t leave their children behind! Please do it quickly! It’s going to take them some time to get back to a good routine! Don’t deny them the opportunities, especially the Class of 2020!!  Don’t let #COVID19 take any more victims, especially our children! They deserve to have the adults making wise decisions now so they will know how to do it in the future!

Richard Ballard



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